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Wellcome To Pait Pooja

Pait Pooja, a professionally driven food and hospitality company brings to you one of the best and most affordable tiffin services for the corporate world. We maintain a very high quality and hygiene standards with a continous focus on cost optimisation to ensure we offer you the best at the least possible cost. We are heavy on your tummy but light on your wallet.

Rs 280/-

Rs 70/-

Rs 320/-

Rs 80/-

We assure you of a very high quality and hygiene standards

We don’t have a food factory, we prepare our food in home like kitchens which are a little bigger in size but have the same hygiene conditions in which our moms cook food. We ensure that each of our meal for you, is made with high quality ingredients that are handpicked. We don’t compromise on giving you good quality.

Our prices are unmatchable

We work hard to optimise our processes so that we can offer you the price benefits. We take help from technology to reduce wastages which helps us bring down our costs. We offer you the best at the least cost.

We don’t repeat our menu for the entire month

Different day, different dishes. Each day full of surprises. We don’t repeat our menu for the entire month so that you enjoy variety of food brought to your plates from every nook and corner of India. Sometimes, we offer you vidheshi khaana too. Monotony will always be far from you.

We are on time, everytime. Incase we fail, we compensate you 150% of your value

Our delivery is through fool proof Mumbai dabbawaala’s who operate at six sigma performance levels. This ensures we deliver your food on time, everytime. Incase we fail due to unavoidable circumstances, we don’t make you suffer. We reimburse you 150% of your meal value which gets adjusted in your next invoice.

We are a blend of tradition and innovation

We make your food the mom’s way. Your plate will always taste homely. We have innovated our processes a little so that we can bring you the best.

Our Veg and Non Veg kitchen are physically separated and are miles apart

Even though we offer veg and non-veg food, still our veg is pure veg. This is because we have physically separated our veg and non-veg kitchens and kept them miles apart. We respect your preferences.

We have highly experienced chefs who have expertise in pleasing your taste buds

Our chefs have been pleasing the taste buds since years and are experts in their domains. We have put together the best team so that what gets delivered to you is just the best.